3 simple ideas for crafts made with wool…


“Have you noticed how cold this winter has been so far?” I bet you hear this question every single winter and every time you feel shivers up and down your spine and shake your head agreeing with the statement.

The more we see the latest images of winter on TV the more we want to curl up in that warm wool blanket, wearing those fluffy wool socks, and get close to the heater with a warm cup of tea… Even better if you have a nearby furry pet to cuddle! 🙂

With rain, snow and bitter cold, it’s difficult to imagine outside activities and it’s not worth to risk getting a cold. So why don’t you make some hot chocolate (with some marshmallows for extra coziness) and get creative with some of that wool yarn that you have stored for this project that never took off?

What if you started something not too complicated, something that even a child could make? One (baby) step at a time and you’ll find yourself creating amazing crafts.


Let’s start with something simple that kids love. Pompoms are really easy to make and they can be part of seasonal decoration, clothing embellishment, accessories, toys, etc.… To make them you will only need a bit of cardboard, some wool and scissors. Follow these instructions and you’ll see it for yourself. Then just get creative with the purpose of those pompoms.

Idea: Make a pompom collage art, setting pompoms from different colors on a frame forming an original pattern.

Wool picture frame

Do you want to give your house a bit of a personal touch with something that you and your kids can make together? Then this is a good project (check out this video for the full process). You’ll need a little bit more material but we’re sure that some of it you’ll have around the house.

Idea: Mix several colors of wool so you’ll get a colorful frame.

Finger Knitting

Still an easy project but it requires a bit more attention and then a lot of practice… After all “practice makes perfect”. From the simplest projects, such as wool bracelets, you can go as far as winter hats and you might even find out that you have an artist in the house.

All you need is wool yarn and follow these simple instructions from Educator 101… with a small action story for better understanding.

Idea: Slowly Increase complexity of finger knitting trying this DIY Yarn Butterfly.

We hope you enjoy these ideas and hoping to see all that creativity bloom for the next season 😀

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